This rumor, the similarities between Harry Styles, Adele and Rosalie isn’t it so, what’s next?


Singer Harry Styles there are many reasons to celebrate: “last week was 4, if, for example, as a soloist and to leave aside the aspect as a member of One Direction. In addition, he came to the pinnacle of success from disk Fine Line; one of the most heard this year on the digital platform. But the good news, which appeared on the British unexpected. Because there are many rumors that hanging a new cooperation.

But, who or that you can sing a duet? In early June, rumors spread that Harry was going to, the production of a working Adele. Both recognized the work of British artists who have a deep friendship for many years. Even the interpreter Watermelon Sugar was there a diva when he confirmed his divorce with Simon Konecki. However, taking into account the promotion Styles of the album Fine Line this feature ran as the gunpowder on social networks.

Users do not doubt to realize his joy in network bird blue color with the following comments: “Adele will write a song with Harry; I’m crying. Why do they want to kill me, right?”, “Adele will write a song with Harry styles, I’m so happy, and even came on the song”“Adele is trending on Twitter, rumors of a collaboration with Harry Styles”, “why say that Adele and Harry will do a collaboration? they don’t see what I’m doing large illusions” and “listening to Adele after several years truly magical.”

What is Harry Styles Rosalia?

This message between Harry Styles and Rosalia is later. That last Sunday, June 28, Twitter erupted thanks for the comment Catalan 26. It turns out that I decided to share with his fans in the chat and wrote in his profile, official following: “are There any questions?” And answers for fans is, “Harry Styles?” So, the diva replied without hesitation: “@harry_styles, what to see, when we become nails together, no? let me know when is your next appointment bebeee πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’…πŸΌ”.

Although this news has not been confirmed, fans of the author, “I Swear they think it may be a call on his part to a musician for 26 years. So, Harry, you already have on the table two new features to create music, who violate digital platforms, as it did. Now we wait for the report of artists. And the fact that these duplas end up like Rosalie and Travis Scott: you are indeed!



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