two very different styles (but not perfect) to dress this summer


There are days in which our mind asks us an absolute comfort, there are those who ask us simply, and sometimes (almost always) we decided to mix all. Although we are the same concept, not always we get the same result: all depends on the style, to which we are religious. Olivia Palermo and Emily Ratajkowski (with the mane blonde) shows us that simplicity and convenience give different options depending on the style of each.

It is easy to choose the dress, thick socks and width (like Olivia Palermo)

Olivia Palermo is the Queen, simple, more persuasive, and their style during this quarantine is not weakened one iota. Exposing this damn elegant, classic, but modern and, characteristically, in secular opted to dress pink oversized that was at the height of the ankles. Combined with a large sweater, high top sneakers type production of Roger Vivier, shows that less is always more.

Olivia Palermo Look Dress Pink

Emily Ratajkowski reminds us the perfect combination: jeans and top

Though it does seem strange to see a person on the street without a mask (more than being in new York), model Emily Ratajkowski reminds us how important it is to have in the wardrobe of basic items like jeans, t-shirts, belts, braces and Slippers for sports. Although, in General, will not win the prize ” look year, however, always pull from the more difficult position, proving that sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot of time in front of the wardrobe thinking what to attribute his illness K.

Emrata Look Jeans 02

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