“Well, usually fake”: Ingrid Coronado told that looking for man


Photo: Ingrid Coronado/Youtube.
Photo: Ingrid Coronado/Youtube.

Leading Ingrid Coronado it turned out that he stopped looking for perfection in the people who surround him.

To your account Instagrama former member will joy, shared reflections, as they have done in other cases for it in the quarantine.

“For a long time already I am not looking for ideal man, I’m looking for real. Great usually fake, who really undergoes is proud of her scars,” wrote in a message that he has already received dozens of replies and over 10 000 likes.

Coronado did not explain whether he had in mind someone in particular or if I know a few people who “about” what aparentaban to be perfect.

Their confession

In recent weeks, I have made some revelations to his followers on Instagram.

Said, for example, that after some time of its detention in quarantine, depressed.

“Hey, how is it? Puff, I recognize that I have all emotions… this photo was taken in one of my best days, but the last days I estacioné depressed. I felt with the soul, is very low, I feel tired, this is the month! And I’m afraid and I’m desperate uncertainty, not knowing how much is left. At least I have a month and a half more!”, said.

He admitted to his followers on Instagram
He admitted to his followers on Instagram

In another post he admitted that also affects women, despite its appearance of a fortress.

“I always said that I am a strong woman, pitch forward… she always thought I was alone, and since I’m always open way in life, she…” – he wrote.

“On the one hand, I like, makes me feel strong, but, on the other hand, I feel that I was also conditioned not to show to anyone that also I’m a woman, defenseless, and each person“he acknowledged.

Because of this, Ingrid admitted that in those days it did, and to think, it is important to seek help and gave an example of his work in the house.

Ingrid Coronado showed him, in closer social networks (GI: ingridcoronadomx)
Ingrid Coronado showed him, in closer social networks (GI: ingridcoronadomx)

“The first days I downloaded everything from the house until, until you reach the point that my body could not be, and I am asking for help for my children. As a result, it was fantastic! Not only they do it with pleasure if not for the fact that those times where I was alone in the kitchen together cooking and constant activity of the family, really fun!”.

About Fernando area

The presenter also drew attention in early may when he was offered an interview in which he confessed, as influenced by criticisms that he received after separation from Fernando del solar with whom he had his children, Luciano and Paolo.

“When people are doing is insulting, attacking, judging others, and those who believe in it even, that they because people do not have the ability to wound your soul, you’re the only one able to do it. Although, when I have all this violence, of course so influenced me, so I played very badly, I did a lot of damagebut I helped.”

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando phase confirmed their breakup in 2015 (Instagram)
Ingrid Coronado and Fernando phase confirmed their breakup in 2015 (Instagram)

Ingrid insisted that the people that have attacked and still do, should know that it’s not helping. “Even if you don’t want to admit to consciously doing what they feel guilty when we feel guilty, even in situations in which it applies”.

“These are challenges that life has placed me and couldn’t with me, in the end, you know part of the history that has occurred over the past eight years“- he said.


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