What is the history of Superman ‘Kingdom Come’ in the Arrowverse?

Was in San Diego Comic-Con 2019, when it was confirmed that actor Brandon Routh again to revive the Man of Steel, but there is a version of Superman ‘Kingdom Come’ in the Arrowverse.

The actor gives life to Superman in a fist ‘Crisis on Infinite album’, what makes it one of the three entities, to meet the last son of Krypton.

Ruth will revive ray Palmer, the event on television, in the role she played four seasons “DC Legends of Tomorrow’.

The actor was born in Iowa performed the first Superman in “Superman: the return”, which was a continuation of a series of films with Richard Donner.

But it wasn’t until the actor showed off its new suit when it became clear that the actor gives life to the old Superman in the world of comics Kingdom Comebut producer Marc Guggenheim was recently confirmed that the version matured the character in these films.

The world of Kingdom Come, along with The Dark Knight Returns, exists in history as the “dark future” DC. First, in Justice League he retired and, in turn, is a new generation of heroes, fierce and ambitious, which didn’t leave much nothing but destruction in its path.

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Why Superman decided not to return to save the world, it was due to the fact that were not able to save Lois lane from a tragic fate and loved characters, with violence, for that because of his change of social attitudes and morality that makes the character exilie.

Though this version of the Man of Steel is one of the most popular among fansyou may not be so adapted, but the truth is, because of Richard Donner, did not provide a large assortment of superheroes to live side by side with Superman.

What if that version of the Superman ‘Kingdom Come’ in the Arrowverse can give flashes plans, they have in the future a film that can attract Brainiac.

The story of Superman will be revealed at the premiere of “Crisis on Infinite album,” which begins in the US on 8 December in ‘Supergirl’ continues in ‘batwoman’ December 9, remains in ‘The Flash’ December 10, in the end, the crossover will last until 14 January 2020. in ‘Arrow’ and ‘DC Legends of Tomorrow’.