Why Catalina Chrissy Teigen does not publish photos in a bikini in Instagram?

Currently, Catalina Chrissy Teigen has a serious track record, as the author of cookbooks that intensive work on social networks, where is an indisputable Queen Twitter their bubble response time to deal with trolls.

However, before you become a bride John Legend and learn how fun it can be and overcome its critics in the virtual world, was already known career as a model, which helped him to appear in several instances in the prestigious publication about fashion, bathroom, warehouse Sports Illustrated in the role of cover in 2014. And it seems that many yearn these days.

The truth is, currently, profile Instagram in Catalina Chrissy devoted almost exclusively to his idyllic family life, without a trace, old, sitting in a swimsuit or underwear. Recently, one of his followers wanted to emphasize changes in the content of your profile through the opinion, in which he asked to return to the publication, sitting, like those made once in a way, it was mentioned not too educated in to assure you that no one even bothered to really look at the pictures of his two children.

“Yeah, well, that now that I have children, do not want to see me in a bikini, so that’s the dilemma,” against being around her, she’s showing her sense of humor, as a rule.

Although it is evident that Catalina Chrissy remains a woman, very attractive, she refers to numerous cases and more complex as many of the changes that have occurred in your body after pregnancy and childbirth, recognizing that they could not or did not want to return to her former figure in record time after pregnancy, despite the fact that the attraction of means in his power to achieve this.

“I, like any person who is in your life, we have all the help we may want and need to lose all the weight you need. And I think that people just having no idea, absolutely be discouraged, how to lose weight fast others. But the fact that we have nutritionists, dieticians, coaches, we hold our own clock, we have over children. We have a lot of people who do that, maybe us again. But no one should think that everything is all right ” or “realistic”, he assured, after the birth of her daughter The moon in an interview Today.

For: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images