Why Karlie Kloss has left Victoria’s Secret?


Karlie Kloss hung wings Victoria’s Secret in December 2015. The model was confirmed during the ceremony Oscar, where he said he had to terminate the contract with the company of lingerie, due to the large number of projects, which were due to his studies in Feminist Theory at the University in new York, but is actually very different.

Almost four years after dummy will show on the British Vogue the true reasons for his resignation in the MEDIA, in the gate.”The reason I decided to stop working for Victoria’s Secret, precisely because it is not felt that this is a symbolic picture of who I was, or the type of message I wanted to send young women around the world about what it means beauty,” admits the publication.

“It is powerful”

The supermodel, who started going to Victoria’s Secret in 2011, only 18 years, admits that “I think it was the turning point for me, as a feminist, because I was able to make their own decisions and create their own story, or using businesses that work either through the way that I am, offering me the world”.

Thinking that Kloss, upcoming 3 August will be 27 years spent in the period of maturity, personal and professional. In October 2018, he married Joshua Kushner and became one of the most sought-after models on the planet. “Every time I look at the last years of my youth and the beginning of the twentieth, I think I was afraid to lose my job, or lose your position if she says that it is not something”, expressed in the above registry. “But I didn’t lose any work. What happened to me was that the more said that he felt, the more I was respected by my colleagues. And what more respect for yourself. And now I have the peace of mind to feel happy and to know that my speech is very powerful and rdquor; apostille.


Kloss, he is associated with the family Trump because her husband, Joshua Kushner, it’s husband’s brother Ivanka Trump he assured that the Union was difficult. “I’m trying to focus on liberal values that I share with my husband, which are identical with those that raised me and guided throughout my life,” he explained.

During the whole interview Kloss also refers their uprising to convert to Judaism.”I made the decision for him because I love him, but it was his own decision. This is my life, and I am very strong and independent,” – he said and added: “After many añosde to learn to communicate with my family, and my search within was when I decided to set fully to Judaism in my life, and begin to plan for the future with the person I chose to marry”. To finish, dummy, stresses that “change who you are, Lieutenant, someone may be weak. But if he went through what I experienced, in fact is not so. It made me stronger, pleasant and flexible. Not really took it for granted,” he says.