Alec Baldwin will Hilaria family | Style


American actor Alec Bladwin and his wife Spanish Hilaria are common in social networks, where not a day goes by, not to publish the photo well or doing yoga with their children. Once again they used the instrument to inform them that they will become parents for the third time next fall. “In Ireland”, “Carmen”, “Rafael” (Hilary and we are pleased to share with you that we will have another little addition to our family,” said Baldwin in a post via his Instagram account with a picture of a couple kissing on the streets of new York. The message is very similar to the one that he posted on his account a yoga teacher –which he holds in his hands a Teddy bear in a blue color, making it clear that child. Publication of the amount between the two about 15 000 I like.

This year four years as husband and wife, and the marriage she has two children, Carmen, which ends 3 years in August and the baby born nine months ago, Rafael. The translator, in addition, is the father of Ireland Baldwin, the fruit of their marriage, the actress Kim ?????????? – the fact that both you write your ad. A few months after the birth of the last child, Baldwin had already confessed to the magazine People he had a great desire to continue to develop the family. “I want my wife more than anything. I love our family, I’ve never been so happy in my life,” he said.

The pair met in 2011 at the restaurant, meetings, Alec Baldwin, 57, will not hesitate to give him a piece of paper with a phone number in Mallorca, 32, 30 June 2012, a year later would become his wife. Hilaria Baldwin received a bachelor’s degree in Dance and Art History at the University in new York and has its own yoga center in Manhattan. To make public their relationship, the pair not only shows aspects of more family in social networks, but their picture of love in every carpet that go, and what is past of against paparazis.