Ally Oliver Queen will return to the latest episode of ‘Arrow’


Conclusion-this was the first production that fans of DC Comics to call in the Arrowverse in the front, all the various phenomena special as Quentin lance, in the end, ‘Arrow’.

The man who was the police captain, and after the wizard mayor of the Old city will be back in episodes at the end of the series.

At the moment unknown argument, which will return the character for this special partbut the number of instances of crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite’s album is maybe the perfect excuse.


The following lines contain information about seasons 6 and 7, ‘Arrow’, so if they are not seen, it is recommended to stop reading up to this point.

The fact is that appears Quentin lance, in the end, ‘Arrow’, after his death in the final episode of the sixth season, so it is not known fully how to justify your return.

Official sources, The CW confirmed that a member of the evacuation of the original Paul Character returns for a few episodes in the eighth and final season of ‘Arrow’.

“We could have the season end without half a Hero”, – said the Executive producer of ‘Arrow’ on Monday morning.

For six seasons, the Hero explained the Pope, Laurel and Sara, performed by Katie Cassidy and Caity Lotz who in the end joined Oliver Queen ” in the office of the mayor, and happened to Oliver as mayor of the Old city.

At the time the program came to an end when Quentin died after getting shot so ” Earth-2 Bay leaves, at the end of the sixth season.

His death has created a bow of redemption of the seventh season of Bay leaf, which led to their incorporation of Arrow equipment on the eighth season.

Despite the fact that the series Arrowverse will always find a way to find the shape about the prospects for the return of the heroes who died.

The latest season of ‘Arrow’ becomes a big event in which characters coming back to say goodbye.

The last episode of ‘Arrow’ will, for example, in the U.S. in January 2020, while in Latin America, reports on Thursday, at midnight, Warner Channel.