Appears official synopsis of the first episode of the sixth season of The Flash


The CW released an official Description of the film Into the Voidthe first episode premiere of the sixth season The Flash. The episode, which will deal with the consequences of the final crushing of the last season in which Nora Allen West was removed existence after a series of bad decisions, time travel is all parties, also creates a new status quo Killer Frost death and enters the new great evil.

“I can’t spoil too much, because you haven’t read”said recently the stars of the series Grant Gustin on the way to his supposed death Crisis on Infinite earths. “It bothers me a lot of what will be. Monitor appears at the end of the first episode of the tour and says that the universe is in danger, and to save him, Barry Allen worth dying for. And Barry Allen don’t know about this case Oliver made of Monitorso someone’s gonna die “.


OVERVIEW OFFICIALLY: while Barry and Iris to cope with the difficult loss of their daughter Norathe computer is facing a bigger threat still threatens to destroy all Central City. At the same time Killer Frost has contact with death, which, as it turns out, the new dynamics of the unexpected that will change your relationship with Caitlin forever. Gregory Smith directed the episode written Eric Wallace and Kelly Wheeler.


The Flash will return for the sixth season this fall, forcing Barry Allen against new and old enemies, and you probably career suicide to the point that I was hoping to avoid since the release of the series. In 2014, fans learned that, like in the comics Barry Allen he will give his life in Crisis on Infinite earthshelps to return to The Anti-Monitor and save the multiverse. This event will take place in may 2024 … or we think so. Due to some changes, while in the last season The FlashDate Barry the goal was postponed until December 2019when all five show DC Comics in The CW intersect for Crisis On Infinite Album and fans, you will see how Barry trying to escape your fate.