Blac Chyna, who was detained on a plane

Family Kardashian to avoid trouble, although it seems that thanks to such events the popularity of the Saga on TV remains unchanged. This time she was the bride of the youngest child in the family, Rob Kardashianthat appeared at the race in the media once stuck on the plane.

Exotic dancer Blac Chyna was accused of poisoning the population and possession of a controlled substance according to has launched a portal
. Environment alleges that Chyntia argued that a strong confrontation, verbal master, fly, which, of course, in a state of intoxication, insulted repeatedly.

The model was arrested at the exit of the plane at the airport in Austin for transit. On Saturday morning, she was fired and was instructed to announce it on all four sides at his own expense Snapchat“I came back, I really missed me?”.

In parallel, Rob Kardashian hang photos in your account Instagram with the model’s face as a sign of support. Of course Kriss Jennerthe head of the family, she will not grace the behaviour of her future daughter-in-law.


Photos published ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian)