Captain Marvel you would have an affair with superheroína MCU


It seems that the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will bring many changes, one of these is the, which is the first gay couple in the Saga, it clearly became in doubt among fans or Captain Marvel, and Valkyrie will be having an affair?

Recent Marvel movies, Actresses, looking for more weight and importance of their characters in the history of the ‘House of Ideas’, as well as the LGBT community to fight to be represented in this series.

So it’s not uncommon that one of the ideas that have stars of the MCU or that the formed pairs of the heroines are lesbians.

However, why is it said that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie will be having an affair? Well, it began because the followers of both characters, they saw that there were several.

This, of course, who to date, have not been seen, evil eye, Brie Larson and Tessa Thompsontwo Actresses who embody these characters.

So, during the Ace Convention, Comic Con, which was held in Chicago, and they both spoke on this subject and made it clear that they want that Marvel Studios has put forward this possibility.

“We’re here to see what happens between us! We can research it, I’m just saying that we ligand”said between laughter the winner of the award “Oscar”.

For his part, Thompson admitted: “Bree-my Queen in real life. If it becomes (Roman) in the canon is too great.”

Actually that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie will be romance, could be seen in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” or the continuation of Carol Danvers.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” – premiered November 5, 2021.