Charlotte Bouchard, sister Eugenia Bouchard said in court against his subject


Eugene Bouchard going through a good time. Tennis player from Canada, it seems, the way to get back to their best version after several months of crisis in the play. Now went to the second round of the Australian Opento meet this Thursday, no more, no less than American Serena Williams.

All of this is in family harmony, issued after the problems her sister Charlotte, the victim of bullying for many years.


A few days ago, a trial was held in which a young man testified before Danny Arsenault40 year old man, with posts “systematic persecution“after you have send thousands of messages since 2014.

It was not until September 2017, when Charlotte decided to file a complaint against his harassment to the policethat has led to the fact that he was arrested in February 2018.

After more than an hour the statement, the sister of the tennis player from Canada has expressed satisfaction with how he wanted to emphasize, on the one architecture.

Thanks for all the positive news. Even if I didn’t answer, I see, “wrote Bouchard.

“I am proud to be me, that went through all this and take action against my Stalker. I hope that my case can serve as an example and be helpful to those who are also worried about it. Please note that you have not why to be the victim. If you have going on, contadlo come to power, do something. I know it’s not easy, but, please, I’ll leave you to remain in silence! We can end this“he came to the conclusion.

Thus, thus, completing a stage is very difficult, his life and to be happy again, as shown on his Instagram account.