Cole Sprouse is going to release its first podcast secrets

In Cole Sprouse he didn’t have to show your unusual talents, among which are, performance, photography and now, over time for the project what’s coming up in the form podcast. Omggg!

Though “Riverdale” back the glory he left behind when he decided to go to University, and despite the fact that his plans no, not to return to employment in the environmentthe fate that he wanted to see defeat again.

Now, it seems that Cole showed more interest, and this time I did the project with say history in Sam Walkerthe main character “radio” series,” snow storm; in that not only we will hear his voice, but in the direct work. WOW!

He a young man who is investigating the sudden disappearance of his sister, moreover, begins to discover the dark secrets, more and more people begin to run away, but Walker not going to stop, until you reach the answer he’s looking for. :O

All areas there will be time 30 minutes. and a lot will be made of 8 chapters. The story held QCode Los Angeles; written and created Rebecca Klingelthe author of the series, “The Haunting of Hill House”that is Netflix.

At the moment, do not know the date productionbut we can be sure that all fans Colelooking forward to this debut.