Decided has an emotional meeting after 10 years


For many years, Super Junior suffered a small group, some members, as Hangeng, Kangin, Henry and And, Sungmin and Zhoumi are still hiatal.

And he was one of the first to leave the group, his last performance with the band was in 2009 with his album “Sorry, Sorry” and ceased to promote with them, 10 years later, has emotional meeting with Decided he shook all of fandom.

Jean is a fan of sports cars and bought a new one

In idol posted a photo and videos on your account on Instagram, reactions ELF was urgent, as after a long time finally could see again. Snif Some didn’t even know and haven’t had the opportunity to see him collaborating with one of the guys.

ELF I could not get involved, and some have hope that this meeting get a chance to see Super Junior and other persons who were not active only in one case, but it can happen when the band will announce his retirement in the future.

And surprise
ELFwill be able to see more interaction with
And in”
Somevival 1+1“one of the programs, which involved
Decidedbecause one of the achievements looks super
exidol, the episode can be watched on September 11.

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