Eugene Bouchard can’t open a bottle of champagne in holiday display


Eugene Bouchard can't open a bottle of champagne in holiday display

Star canadian Eugene Bouchard just to play a Loan They Invitational. This event took place the exhibition, which was held behind closed doors in Charleston. At the party, Gene played in the Peace Team, which won the tournament.

To celebrate this victory, he asked him to open a bottle of champagne, but apparently not very good for this. In his instagram staff display a video of what happened, really funny.

Eugene Bouchard, opening a bottle of champagne

As you can see in the video above, Eugene Bouchard struggled to open a bottle of champagne.

And when he opened it, he graduated from the running, while pouring like champagne. Of course, not very well to open bottles, and even supports. As shown in a previous publication, assured fans that his team played much better than we did.

He also asked fans if they can teach him to open a bottle of champagne and will probably be a lot of volunteers. Despite the fact, spilling the champagne Gene, he would be happy to play the show in Charleston.

It was probably the first time I played tennis event in months, what he has done even more enjoyable. This event is not the only thing we saw. losUltimate Tennis Showdowntambién the game and gives a lot of important players like Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The same as Credit One Invitational, playing, the door is closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The US Open also decided to go the same way and not to allow the fans to the stadium.

It’s not something he likes people, but is what you need. Despite this, everyone is waiting for that 2020 US Open was a great success, and we hope it will.