everything you need to know for sports popular among the stars


Probably all gone already understood that Boxing is a sport fashion among our many models and celebrities favorite, like Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell, or, which were filled with walls Instagram photos and videos about the practice that they do.

It is a sport that is traditionally male and so it may seem surprising, vérselo the practice of women who, in addition, they must maintain a particular body type, not too muscular.

However, if you practice it because Boxing gives us many advantages and we can practice at different levels, with the result that simple even for beginners, if we know what exercises to do.

The advantages of the case

For starters, it is a sport that burns a lot of caloriesa lot more than quemaríamos runs on the ribbon, in addition, that helps us to work the whole body almost at the same time in one exercise.

It helps that our muscles tonifiquen. This exercise, which, in addition, combines strength and cardio, so no need to choose. Improves coordination and flexibility of our.

Not only that, but to try to get pear and start to notice the endorphins still released. For many people, especially for women, the practice of Boxing can have important psychological advantage, causing us to feel more fully, in addition, to help us to relieve stress and tension.

Boxing workouts for beginners

The first thing we need to know before you begin to fight, as beginners, we won’t start from scratch, in pegarnos with colleagues – if we are going to school – and also, it is not necessary to start, head to pegarnos bag Boxing.

The first step is to further warming of the joints that cook a little until the end of the workout. Usually, too, that let’s start with some intervals of jump rope that we go, alternating with a warm up of the joints, as what we offered our colleagues from Vitónica.

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Thus, our body will heat up, training and rises gradually depressed, so as not excedernos of the first. Later, as a novice, will explore what strikes the most basic of Boxing.

To do this Vitónica offer us a series of exercises that will help us to learn strokes, direct all upper or hooks. These attacks we can train solo, but also with their peers. As it was not we need to make sure to learn good technique and also to avoid injuries.

Through the use of a punching bag, we also learn to develop our game and feet will help to keep the voltage at our feet, and developing flexibility.

To finish, as a rule, ends again in the gaps from sagging but also has a good series of stretch marks that to relax our muscles and return is pressed gradually to normal levels.

The truth is that, most likely, the next day we were very sore, but it is a sport that helps us to release so many good things hook much more than we can imagine.

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