Fernanda Colombo is offer sexy that made her feel like garbage


The Digital Millennium

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The arbitrator in Brazil Fernanda Colombo condemned in Instagram got offer sexy in order to “have meetings for a fee with men, intelligent, educated and respect” for “not less than 7 thousand sar (about 34 thousand 600 pesos)”.

Using the social network, was a figure arbitral women he posted a screenshot of the messages you sent, which was accompanied by the message, which said, as meaningful as garbage after reading suggestions of a sexual nature.

“I recently received a letter offering sexual immoral, that I feel terrible. The only thing I want is to work with what I love that it’s football and journalism. All may respect the path I have chosen for my life,” he wrote Fernanda Colombo in Portuguese, English and Spanish Instagram.

Colombo, which is now known in the country as a television journalist, received a message of support on the social network, where more than 300 thousand followers.

“We must therefore fight for their place and for their lives … Not a piece of meat sold for slaughter. Strength, honey. You’re so big!”, wrote his colleague, journalist Anna Thaís Matos.