Interview with Barbara Palvin, the angel fell from the sky


A few weeks ago, the Hungarian model Barbara Palvin visited Mexico to participate in a recognized event fashion Fashion Fest Liverpool, provided by the network of Department stores, luxurious. This time, a girl of 25 years desfiló a few images on the podium, while the other special guest of the evening-singer, Maluma, performed his greatest successes.

This night, Barbara Palvin showed again why it is the model most famous and in demand at the moment. No wonder, with his 1.75 m in height, is a new member of the group A. signature linen Victoria’s Secretthat also was involved in the famous top model Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio.

In the course of his career, which began when I was 14, worked in the famous worldwide brands, such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Prada, Armani, Miu Miu, and Cartier, among many others. And besides, it was only the star of social networks, a total of about 11.7 million followers on Instagram, where fans follow not only her career but also her relationship with actor Dylan Sprouse.

During your stay in Mexico Barbara Palvin we had the opportunity to talk with also, the actress (“Hercules: The Thracian Wars, 2014), which, moreover, we inform you that likes to dress for every day and sports, because for her the important thing is to feel comfortable and also admitted that fully realizes the responsibility that picture because many girls and young people going through Instagram or Twitter, and therefore always strives to share the positive message of acceptance. “I’m always looking for an infection energy and go in the direction of your dreams to match. For me to work.”


What was the most difficult in your career?
In the beginning was a little difficult to keep the balance between my life and my career, but it’s been a long time since the beginning of my work in that I now feel that I have enough experience to make it work.

whatBarbara Palvin you have some beauty treatments?
First, this, first, I wash my face with ice water. After using my essence the Giorgio Armani Acqua Pantelleria. Acts as a ‘first’ for my moisturizer. I like the feel of this product on my skin because soothes and refreshes the face. As a next step, I put my moisturizer Giorgio Armani Crema Nera. In order to absorb in General, I use the rollers of the windshield. Yes, this is my favorite! If I do it this way, my face feels fresh and radiant.


What role do you think women play in business fashion?
Women have always played a very important role in the fashion industry. Millions of people continue to our work and what we represent. Therefore, it is important to build and share the message so others can feel animals, and aspire to be in them and not feel that they are alone. The fact that the experiment that designers and casting Directors who prefer variety. I am very happy and positive sharing!

What advice would you give Barbara Palvin women who want to model? In addition, there are those who have complexes about their body and its beauty?
I would say that don’t worry. If it is a call of life”, “forward”. Try it!. You have to believe in yourself that you are worthy to work in this (or other) industry and you can achieve anything if you can put positive thinking, all your energy and you are going to work hard on it. They also need to understand that everyone is different, each is unique in its kind. Your body is the only thing that you have, try to start to love and appreciate. Trust me, if you say the right things, your life will change for the better.


If something can be done, someone in the world? What would it be?
If I had the power to stop poverty, hunger and water problems in the world. Too many people suffering with these problems every day, and it breaks my heart. Although I think that each of us can make a big difference if we take up and do the right actions together. Always remember that what you are doing, it can be easy move, but it could mean the whole world for someone who needs more.


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