It looks like Blac Chyna for two weeks after giving birth

But how did he do that?! That’s what many are wondering after seeing Blac Chynathe fact that after the birth Dream Kardashian two weeks ago, the former model looks better than ever… well, with 10 kg less!

Metal believes your figure after childbirth Instagram, online published a video showing her flat stomach, only on certain days to their second daughter, the fruit of his relationship with his fiance Rob Kardashian, younger brother Who.

Give click on the photo below to see the transformation Blac Chyna!

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“My body after giving birth recovering so quickly! Before leaving, he took my purple Teami tea Blends, which gives me a lot of energy and is absolutely safe, while I nursed a Dream!”I noticed in this publication.

Also popular was seen this weekend have their first child, King Cairothe son of the singer Tygathat is now the groom’s sister, Rob’s media, Kylie Jenner. In this surroundings, were both in the Christmas event to pose with Santa Claus and where the Metal finds, waist and curves using jumpsuit lavender and sandals transparent Yeezy.

And if something is characterized by the Metal is its consistency of diet and exercise that also affected the weight loss of her partner, Rob, who after lifting more than 45 pounds, was hospitalized due to symptoms of diabetes type 2. “There was a big fear. It turned out that I have type 2 diabetes six months before it happened, but ceased to prick, to apply insulin […] I felt that I would die. When, in the end, I left the hospital I found out that it was necessary to make changes in my life. Chyna and I had a conversation very serious, and she promised me that I will cook for me to finish with my diabetes. So it was, was cured” admitted known People.

The secret Blac or to recover your figure? In addition, to take tea detox and use belt moldeadorasthe famous 28-year-old is still a plan called 28 day Jump Start which includes exercises strictly, as a diet that is salad, salmon, rice, among other food products into portions limited. “He wants to have a body impressive, then when his triumphant return to the red carpet”, says a source close to