Karlie Kloss brings the element of fashion for spring that you will love)


Spring has come, but as we have lookearnos with the change of season! This time Karlie Kloss walked out of bold styling that includes clothing, basic sure that you have at home. But, in addition, he added, trousers with bow at waist that is fashionable this season.

Temperature changes, the day becomes longer, and even our mood changes. Yes, it is spring. But the time to wear it, we have to choose what to wear.

Karlie Kloss went to her Instagram account to find the most important thing is that it is very easy to copy. But, in addition, he added, trousers with bow at waist that trend this spring.

Pants with a bow you have selected Karlie Kloss to this view, trends. Photo: Instagram

The model will be lookeó with a solid color white basic jacket and leather pants with a bow at the waist (you should have one), more women’s animal print, with thread and wallet to hang a Negro.

Here he held several other options of pants to keep in mind.

Tailleur, coats and trousers of linen and silk top, instagram (Carmela Achával).
Production: Alejandro Garcia. Photo: Marcello Molinari.
Pants high waist with bow (Clara Ibarguren).
Shirt linen short (Peach) and pants post (Bear).
Pants with a bow (System).