Naruto: Megan Thee Stallion included places like Sasuke in the song


Megan Thee Stallionone rapper 25 years in the United States, which was excited only fandom in anime in social networks, inclusion of a reference to the series Naruto in one of his songs.

Rapper, contains links to Naruto

To be precise, presented his song “Girls in the Hood” from an emotional congratulations to Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha; the two characters created by Masashi Kishimoto. The stars were not constrained by the provision of a direct message in his last simple and below we share our version of the stolen Comic:

“I… I watch anime (Wow, wow, anime) … as Foxes, wild boars, looking at Sasuke”

Megan Thee Stallion showed happy in his Twitter account after learning that his reference was understood, many fans of Naruto and apparently were not the only ones to respond to its publication on 25 June.

Company from the anime react to Megan Thee Stallion

Viz Media company, the publisher of manga and anime with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, USA), was the first to leave a clear answer on the link. Even posted a photo of Sasuke Uchiha, along with one of his phrases in a series and it said

Naruto: Megan Thee Stallion included places like Sasuke in the song

Naruto: Megan Thee Stallion included places like Sasuke in the song

The company’s content distribution anime that took part in the game was Delicious. They are sure to reply to your own style, when sending the animation of the characters speaking, one of the lines, Naruto Uzumaki; also known as the Jinchuriki of a Fox of Nine Tails.

Megan The Stallion and the love of anime

In the rapper’s “Girls in the Hood” I was never shy to boast of his love for anime, and it was a big success among fans. Your first indications included sensitivity hero My Hero Academia “Todoroki Shouto”; also known as the ” boy “Half Cold, Half Warm.”

In addition, he admitted that one of his favorite shows is a Black Clover; another anime created by Yuki TABATA, and that belong to the same genre shonen Naruto. If you want to know, you should visit them on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, as you’ll find more fanarts characterizes your favorite heroes.

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There is no doubt that Megan The Stallion will amaze anime fans with each of his jokes. She’s not the only celebrity to confirm his taste for this entertainment content Japanese, because the athletes from the USA, the NBA and NFL, and also talked about his taste for this art.