Noelia receive certificates RIAA, Small, English, proud and shares the news

Beautiful Noelia interest, as well as other Latin artists managed to make a certificate RIAA, Small Englishproud to have shared the news in Instagram.

It was the photo that the interpreter “Give me a reason” there were other divas pop Latino, who gave the message to his followers.

The Recording Industry Association of America (The Recording Industry Association United States English, short RIAA) has the task to give certificates due to the increase in the number of sales the record companies in the United States.

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“This is very true, but the machine of lies, seeks to deceive people, I say, trying to mislead, and in the end of the road, can not cover the sun with one finger” – shared Noelia.

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As a big star is a pride not only for her but for his supporters to be a part of this important Guild photos appear Shakira Jennifer LopezSelena Quintanilla, Priscilla, Florea Estefan and, of course, Noelia.

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“When you have music hard, thanks to the public that throughout life, to always, the RIAA GOLD STANDARD of AMERICAN Pop singers of Latin sold more Albums in the United States.”, said the beautiful singer.

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RIAA provides not only certifications, sales records, is also involved in the Collection, management and distribution music licensing and royaltiesresponsible for Certificates that Gold and Platinum Albums and Singles in the United States.

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