Returns Arrowverso DC Comics Netflix. – Update Mexico

Maybe they took him a step to the movies, but on television, characters from DC are the kings indiscutidos.

Netflix, which premiered last week, season 5 (The Flash) and Arrow 7 in Latin America, while in the United States go forward.

Also just announced that HBO will produce the series for Warner Bros. and DC, like Strange Adventures, the comic based on classic and fungirá like anthology, in which there are different characters like Adam Strange, adventures in the style of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers.

HBO is also a version of Green Lantern, the character Warner wanted to revive which failed film of 2011, but this could potentially be very important.

He says that is already in production program, Superman and Lois lane, with actors who appeared in the program of Supergirl.

And it all started with a program Arrow premiered in USA on 10 October 2012. Actor Stephen Amell playing Oliver Queen, one of the most significant characters and favorite comiquero DC universe, although not the most famous outside the middle. Inspired by Smallville, Arrow is regarded with greater courage the concept of the superhero. Good products, got its purpose.

At that time it was impossible behind the scenes to promote the decisions of the main characters in DC that are intended for the versions released. Can’t use, and even replace, as Wonder Woman, or Superman, Batmn.

It was like an Arrow was a mixture of green Arrow and Batman, including in the form of support, which belonged to the second, such as RA’s al Ghul.

The adoption grew, and they came out, how The Flash (2014), Supergirl (2015), Legends of Tomorrow (2016) until the end of this year will be released, Scorpio. Thus arose the so-called Arrowverso consisting of all those programs that overlap and lived in the same universe; as the saying goes, the hero did not know about the existence of another.

There are other programs that work as “satellite” in the main, as Black Lightining and Constanine. This means that they do not make references to other characters, but somehow knows what it is. However, this has changed because Black Lightning will be associated with other characters in December and Constantine a part of the Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow, The Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow are part of one and the same reality (Communication Earth-1), while Supergirl exists in another dimension of the Multiverse (Earth-38). This fact helps to justify the lack of other creatures mighty when trouble comes. They say that in the near future, the size Supergirl join the rest of us. And yet, the characters were able to live together and participate in other programs.

For its part, the Legends of Tomorrow is a collection of superheroes that debuted in the other series. Teamed up for a new program that is constantly traveling through time and between dimensions. Here are some examples: Firestorm (consisting of two people, Professor Martin Stein and the young Jefferson Jackson) was submitted in The Flash). The Atom debuted in Arrow. White Canary Arrow for the first time.

In turn John Constantine was saved at the request of fans, cancelling their own program.

The Flash, Grant Gustin of the game, he made his first appearance in the second season of Arrow. The fact that the people involved, whom he knew the comic book industry, helped to create this type of a crossroads in history, as good opportunities to launch new programs. Prior to this success was very important for producers and developers Berlantti Greg and Marc Guggenheim.

The first official crossover, “Flash vs. Arrow”, began in season 1, episode 8 (The Flash) and continued season 3, episode 8 Arrow. Eventually became a tradition.

These actions should grow and complicándose. Coordinate the SUV-and this work is very complex. TV production, as a rule, the budgets of conservative to fit in many aspects of computer work. In addition, in the organization of the various groups of production, which are sometimes hundreds of people, identify locations, coordinate times actors, Directors, equipment rental and special sets, wear the continuity between the programs-like the stories that happen in each series, as elements that intersect with each other; all this, to name just a few things.

In addition, television, as a rule, occurs in time. If a series of normal products are far behind, you can even swap and change the order of chapters. In these cases, it is not possible.

Netflix only that the Prime Minister in penúltimas of the season, Arrow (Season 7) and The Flash (5). A couple of weeks ago did the same thing with Supergirl (4) and Legends of Tomorrow (4). The latter is not involved in the crossover year, but in three other shows depict the history of the “Elseworlds” in their ninth Chapter.

We won’t go into the details of the story, but the chapters in question, this is important, because it will feature new characters, some of which have their own programs as cimientan important elements of the history resumed in subsequent seasons.

In the United States will be more developed countries and put the last (one in the front, and Latin America). After the “Elseworlds” crossover last year, which is associated with different worlds in other dimensions – there will come a “Crisis on Infinite earths,” based on his comic company in 1985 in the publishing house DC Comics had restructured their characters, stories and universes.

Feature –and that should not be used in version TV, although there is a risk that in this story, died as the Flash (Barry Allen) as Supergirl (Kara Zor-El, who had the alias Earthling Linda Danvers). Barry, changed for more than 10 years, kid Flash (Wally West), which has assumed a cloak of Flash.

What is really worth paying attention to is the fact that it was announced that Arrow will end this year, after adaptation to the Crisis. What will this mean for the casting and characters? We’ll be waiting.

In Arrowverso is a place which did not spare to kill of characters, even some of the utmost importance. So no one is immune. The author of the original comic (which was exemplified in an outstanding George Perez), Marv wolfman, was included in the production as a consultant that is somehow associated with the expansion of the risk factor.

In the end, the series Warner (The CW in the US), are on the verge of transformation, and it all starts with the “Elseworlds”, which is the first part of The Flash, Arrow continuing to complete in Supergirl, all in Chapter No. 9.

These three programs can be found on Netflix. And although it sounds complicated, not so much. In addition, they are very funny. Recommended.