Songs that achieved success in the app don’t know his name


TikTok turned into app fashion during detention, particularly in Spain. Many users found it fun, in times of slavery in the house. Their dances and songs they have become the trend, but there are many of them, of course, you don’t know him name or the singer or the group that is behind it.

App China has already won the youth long before the epidemic of coronavirus us encerrase home, but there were millions adults who found their dances, challenges and lecturers in recent months.

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Names like Doja Cat, SAINt JHN, Engelwood or Melanie Martinez may not sound anything but managed to put your songs on a high level due to the fact that have become popular in TikTok.

Saint JHN – Roses

Saint JHN unknown rapper from the United States, which has achieved success with ‘Roses’. The song is not new because it is the Remix to released in 2016. Four years later, with the application to higher top of the global Spotify and Shazam.

This topic is more than 56 million pieces on YouTube after the fact that I had to record a video to it in March last year. Given the interesting situation that all of their songs can barely reach a million views.

Jawsh685 – Laxed Siren Beat

Behind this strange name that is nothing more than the nickname of the user, access to the Internet, hides a guy completely anonymous. You a few months ago his only contact with the music industry, it boils down to, to create some music up on YouTubewhat I didn’t expect it to be the soundtrack of millions of short videos.

Now, enjoy worldwide success, due to the fact that Jason Derulo wanted to put the voices in this thread and rename it to ‘Savage Love’. On June 9, collects millions of views).

Crystal Dolphin – Engelwood

Comments on YouTube for this song there are many users who spend find that song full. “This song exists” – says one of many that we can see. Already well-known refrain, “This track tuturu” was uploaded at the end of the year 2017 on YouTube and has no official video.

Despite the fact that the channel only has just over 28 000 subscribers he has more than 10 million views I’m sure you used to earn good amount of money through advertising before the video.

Melanie Martinez – Play Date

The singer of American origin, the country is the first artist on this list, who already had a successful experience before TikTok turned your song, viral infection. Oddly enough, the “Play Date” is not far his song even more popular. It happens that the artist, more than 100 million views on the platform live and publish his music, with Warner Music international.