Strong criticism of the players of male victims of viruses

Djokovic, Grigor Dimitrov, And Coric and Victor Troicki and wife, Djokovic and Troicki, positive for the coronavirus after participating in the unfortunate event.

The spectators were in the stands, not social distance, and the players did not use masks, they hugged, and we shook hands the other players and referees.

In turn, 16 tennis players women participated in Credit One Bank Invitational in Charleston over the weekend and show them men how it’s done.

Fans are unable to participate, all players and referees kept the distance and used a mask when able to do so.

“The fact that we can play tennis in a healthy environment, and I am confident that this victory in itself,” wrote Bouchard in Twitter after.

We played better than we celebrate, I swear: someone can explain to me how he opens a bottle of champagne?

As if not enough to trip the male, Petkovic went even further.

“So far, so I guess, all the players behaved in an unusual way in these difficult times of crisis, isn’t it?”, wrote in German.

So far, so I can guess, all the players behaved in an unusual way in these difficult times of crisis, isn’t it?

Australian Rennae Stubbs noted that no cases of coronavirus due to the tournament for women.

“I think that NONE of them understood. It would be possible to prevent, to play basketball or football together and sudados”, replied Stubbs.

“Hopefully, that will keep.

Djokovic and his colleagues, who took part in the Tour Adria was surprised the audience by playing basketball and to go to Nightclubs full of people in their spare time.

The Croatian, who won at the All England Club in 2001, came out in defence of the poor Serbian organizations Adria Tour.

?????????? Defended Djokovic, who gave a positive from the beginning and said, “New York Times” that all of the attackers, a young man of 33, became “smart ” now”, but the event has received the approval of the government.

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The coach is now 48 years old, also gave a positive result, confirming the message in Instagram.

?????????? He wrote: “Unfortunately, after two negative results in the last 10 days, I just found out that I was positive COVID-19. I feel good, and I have no symptoms.”

The event, which took place in front of a crowd, not social distance, has been criticized by other players.

Australian Nick Kirios said the decision to organize the event as “contrived” and the number ” 1 ” Briton Dan Evans described it as “a bad precedent”.

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