The documentary “Athlete” shows the horrors caused by the computer elite Olympic – Tvshow – 02/07/2020

A young gymnast Kerry Strug for the first time in the history of the Olympic games in Atlanta 96 thanks step the horse that carried damaged. The jump turned into valor world sport and gave an Olympic medal in the United States. Mode “training” quasi-military, where it does not question the accuracy of the ingredients Béla and Márta Károlyi view fame as coaches. Already had known due to Nadia Comaneci, and since his escape of the Ceausescu regime, provide to team USA, though at a price that only now known.

Although the documentary Bonnie Cohen, and John Schenk is not focused in this pair of trainers, but in Dr. Larry Nassar, who for 29 years was the doctor of the main athletes in the world. Girls, in many cases, which refers to the authority of the doctor.

In 2016, while Simone filled with Olympic Medals in Rio de Janeiro, a group of journalists a small diary, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship instagram a number of violations committed by Nassar, who seduced young women in the study time and sessions of physical therapy. So began destaparse violations, abuse of power, inaction of the leaders of the Committee of the Gymnastics at the Olympic Games that had informants in the FBI that they avoided that some issues related to Nassar, did not come to light.

Image documentary
The image of the documentary “Athlete”. Photo: Stream

With voice it is important to gymnasts, as Maggie Nichols, who was excluded from the Olympic team because he said that Nassar was abusive towards her, beginning to put on data, this is a documentary that shows how important the organization would know these violations and did nothing.