The sports world is rebelling against racism

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the legendary NBA player, shot in 1989, included this phrase in an article two years ago: “For white America, in the history of American sports is the table growing of the outstanding achievements in the physical and mental strength. For black America, but is a history of attempts to stifle the voices of African Americans. “

At the end of this week, in a match with the Celtics Jaylen brown went in 15 hours by car from Boston to Atlanta to hold a protest March peacefully. “To be a star, to be a NBA player does not exclude any discussion. First of all, I’m black, and I am a member of this community,” said the escort was born 23 years ago in Marietta, near the capital of Georgia.

The ratio of brown synthesizes the outrage in the sports world, crying out against racial injustice. The death of the African-American George Floyd may 25 in Minneapolis, after a police officer Derek Chauvin fell on his neck for several minutes, shook himself, mostly in American society.

Coco Gauff, tennis player USA for 16 years, eating brands of prematurity and has already reached the eighth part of the Grand Slam two times, has published a video online which shows you with your head under the hood, the black, and looking at the camera and asks “am I next?” In the meantime, see pictures of George Floyd and other victims of black violence, the question: “I Use my voice to fight against racism. How to use your to achieve justice? The star of world gymnastics, Simone working days, Twitter photo with broken hearts, to emphasize the need for a “transition to America” better”. The Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton said, to be sure that none of the officers involved is responsible.

The NBA has twice been questioned because of the anger, the events recorded camera video of many witnesses. Floyd was close to former player Stephen Jackson. Both were born in Texas and raised in Cuney Homes of social housing in Houston. Jackson, who retired in 2014, after 14 seasons with eight teams was presented to the city Council in Minneapolis on Friday. “I’m here because I don’t degradarán George Floyd, as a man, my twin“Convicted before the crowd, which took part in the protest. “A lot of times when the police are doing what they know is not right, first thing try to do is cover and put it on the bottom, so it seems that how they worked was correct. When he was worthy of assassination? But if this black man seems to be accepted. “

Jackson, 42, is a sight to see All the smoke Showtime Basketball former player Matt Barnes. His heartbreaking speech of the protesters, he continued: “When that man put her knee on the neck of my brother, taking life with hand in pocket, you can’t say that the smile on his face said, “I am protected “. You can’t tell me that I didn’t feel the need to kill my brother, and I knew that I would succeed.” Karl-Anthony towns, who lost her mother in April due to coronavirus and players the Timberwolves, Josh Okogie, was with Jackson in front of city Hall. “There was a lot of emotion, a lot of frustration, a lot of pain”, described Okogie.

Malcolm Brogdon, escort, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, took part in a protest in Atlanta for the same reason. “I had a grandfather who took part in the campaigns of the sixties with Dr. Martin Luther king, and it was amazing. Would be proud seeing us all here. I have brothers, sisters, friends who are on the street, there is something you feel that they are in jail: only discrimination, from day to day,” she said.

Bradley Beal, of Washington, sent a message about how many people perceive NBA stars when it is expressed in such matters as racism. “Someone said,” As a struggle against what he learned at home?’ I wonder how people think I was rich in my life. I forgot where I come from. What is happening, not to me! I was the hostess. Outlining is not desirable. I do not stop for anything. I lost contact with what is happening. All because I came in the League.”

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Jaylen brown, as Vice President of Brogdon with the players ‘ Union (NBPA), said: “we are creating awareness of some injustice that we see. Our voices must be heard. I am 23 years old. I don’t know all the answers, but I feel like others feel. Several NBA players took part in the demonstration, if Jordan Clarkson, stands the Utah jazz, and JUNIOR Smith, front, and free agent in Los Angeles, and Tobias Harris, Sixers front, in Philadelphia.

Abdul-Jabbar, center, who won six champion rings NBA, analyzed the latest advances in Los Angeles Times“Perhaps the main problem with the black community at that time, if it’s not protesters, they are on two or four metres away, or if some soul, ready to steal some t-shirts or set fire to a police station, but if their children, wives and husbands, Brothers and fathers will be killed by the police just because of the trips and excursion by car. Or, to be black, so hide in the house for the rest of their lives, because the virus of racism that infects the country is more deadly than the covid-19 “.

Jordan: “we have experienced so much”

Michael Jordan, criticized for his low activity on political and social issues during his career, made a statement on Sunday evening. “I am sad, I am deeply hurt and angry,” writes the legendary player, the Bulls, and now owner of the Charlotte hornets. “I see the pain and frustration, and I’m with everyone who rebelled against racism and violence against people of color that have their roots in this country. We have quite. I have no answer, but our voices United Nations, they give us power, the inability to share with others. We can’t turn your back on such atrocities without meaning. Our voices Nations should put pressure on politicians to change the law. “

LeBron James, the star of the Lakers, posted a photo to Instagram, which shows police, knee, around the neck, Floyd and Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL player, I was listening to the US national anthem with knees on the floor in protest. “It’s … it’s because of this. Do you understand now? Or you feel strange?”, Wrote LeBron.