What rays are Ontas and why famous still tuiteando that word?


On Friday, April 20, in the great Friday and log one week of rest for many, one palabrita “rare”, without ceasing to spy social networks once was a trend on Twitter yesterday. “Ontas” was on everyone’s lips, but… why?

It all started when the student singer Selena Gomez has sent you a message direct Instagram, asking “ontas?”, what we know comes from the question “where are you?” in order to then offer the singer a “pay Uber” (LOL). Poor Selena didn’t understand anything, as we can see in this architecture that were sent the user Adal Ronica in Instagram.

As a result, users of Twitter and Instagram were on the train from my mom to turn the “Ontas” in global trending on Twitter on Thursday, April 18, after several well-known tuitearan their confusion, and then to get it from Ontasmanía.

Ross Butler, have I missed something

Thursday, April 18 a young actor (13 Reasons Why, Shazam, Riverdaleasked his 644,000 Twitter followers: why I have so many posts on Instagram with people saying “ontas?”. I miss something?” And then he said in English that, although to speak the language, indeed, did not know that this is the thing…

Steve Aoki, also lost

Austin Mahone Title Defense

The young singer wrote to her nearly 10 million followers…

Alejandro Sanz

Drake Bell

Barbara Palvin

Already learned

Well, if it went broke a few hours after his initial knock, the Butler finally realized what was going on in the thread, or, better to say, it seems that “help” to know.”

On the morning of Friday, April 19, ontas was already in order to put the hashtag #OntasChallenge and –when closing the issue memes just began to pop out of my head.

And what Ontan?