Bella Hadid confirms that pants shot will be the trends


At the end of the fashion weeks in February and March was the last time that we can see Bella Hadid with his personal image street. For confimamiento model has tempered his pace, although her status as a supermodel has not prevented starring campaign virtualfor example , Jacquemus photographed through Face Time. But of a gradual return to normal, top, recovers the agenda professional and was spotted for the first time, from the pandemic on the streets of new York– the city in which he lives approx. As usual, Bella chose for styling inspiration noventera, with a few pants with prints are turned into absolute heroes mixture.

In this return, Beautiful, returned to the plant on the key Cabinet, cropped top. The project, which leaves them open on the belly, showing that he did, in addition, during the quarantine, the model opted for a hotel pants relaxed design is very attractive. It model Danish company Soulland which includes on the cover of Playboy magazine, as stamping. In shot, under, lines, thick and straight cutBella confirms success the trend, which a few days ago also Lucia Emily Ratajkowski in combination with jeans shooting in silhouette is very similar. Aesthetics large size clothing it is necessary also because it is a project of the men’s collection of the brand. No wonder Bella and other colleagues, as Kendall Jennerto include in their cabinets offers intended for male audience, but actually works, and for girls.

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Bella Hadid

– See also: Bella Hadid posted the photo more real, and his followers pray for more

Stamping will not require many add-ons. To prevent the result is rich, Bella appeared in two main allies, perfectly suited for the locker room. On the one hand, several Converse sneakers the rod falls to blue baby, on the other hand, commented on the cropped top, white and long sleeve. Of course not enough masks in your case is the black model of the brand Chrome Hearts. Bag cross color orange Telfar (still an independent company, the most popular right now), coordinates with the shade of pants, along with fleece Cary from the frame, oval, creates the finishing touch that completes the picture of the return of Bella Hadid.