#BottleCapChallenge, new challenge of the virus, which is present in the network


New the problem of viral takes social network. It #BottleCapChallenge, in Polish translates as a challenge cover bottleand is that those who want to take part pop bottles the impact torque.

The call has already participated personality as a movie actor Jason Statham, musician John Mayer and fighter Conor McGregor, but was initiated by Taekwondo Master Farabi Davletchin who called last June 25, 2019. in Statham, MacGregor, Jean-Claude van Damme and Jackie Chan.

It is a tool of the UFC Max Holloway was provoked Errolson Hugh. Holloway said in the video posted on the account Twitter it ceases to see with the right foot, and although the bottle cap is so cool, not out flythe proposed task.

Holloway encouraged so John Mayer join the challenge, and the artist said, the past, 30 June, 2019 in his account Instagram . Publications in the social network worth more than four million ‘I like’ and choose Jason Statham, who also joined the challenge.

Statham published last July 1, 2019 clip part to call that amount to 2 July, more than 13 million views. Appointed a Director and writer Guy Ritchie and martial arts James Moontsari.

Just replied Richie. made two video circulated on 2 July 2019. The first explains that “he could do this all day”, and the other offers Statham leave a “wall” kung fu” to achieve the task. Appointed actor will Smith, the football player David Beckhanactor MENA Massoud and actress Naomi Scott. No one answered the call.

Singer Ellie Goulding also issued on your account in the Instagram video, which shows how to perform the task with ease. It has Stella Mccartney, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Christine And The Queens and more. To accompany his video with the message “stopped using plastic bottles”

But not only stars those who joined #BottleCapChallenge. In social networks circulate for people videos that were recorded at that time, you can open the bottle with my leg up. One of the most popular has been circulated Twitter the user identificireba as Zeku, who made the call”, another level of style” to make a short procedure dance before you uncork the bottle.