Cardi B and Offset are celebrating their second wedding anniversary


After several failures, like any other couple Cardi B and her husband Offset printing spent for the second year in marriage and both claim that their relationship as husband stronger than ever.

They married in secret, even his fans knew, as we both decided that their love will only have in them and not wanted that third parties will involucraran. KARDi and Offset printing was devoted to ” romantic news for to celebrate its anniversary.

It was like Cole Sprouse-year anniversary in “Friends”

The singer shared a photo of the pair on his Instagram account and admitted that he continues to learn and grow within their marriage. Awww! Her husband Offset decided to share a video with the song “don’t Lose Me” background”, which showed pictures of the happy couple.

The rapper wrote in his message that he had come very far, despite the fact that no one would have believed that beyond the real time, he said he loves her and that now it is a great family the child Culture.