Emily Ratajkowski blames Harvey Weinstein to buy the victims


Mexico.- American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, was struck not against, producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of a deal a millionaire with the victims of sexual harassment and rape.

This Wednesday, judge James Burke has increased the bail of the accused, from one to five million dollars for violation of conditions of parole, because he was not used as it should monitor, which you can put in the ankle.

Thus, its location within different periods of time. Lawyer??????????, Donna Rotunno, denied that we are talking about deliberate actions, and noted that it is only technical problems, like batteries.

This afternoon, Ratajkowski rose photo on the social network posing and shows his hand with the expression “fuck ” Harvey”, the image that accompanies the following text.

“Today,” Harvey Weinstein and his former office made a contract for 25 million dollars from their victims. Weinstein, accused of committing crimes, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, was not to recognize inequality and to pay from its own money. #nojusticenopeace (no justice, no peace)”.

January 6 will begin in new York court for manufacturer for rape and sexual violence. Weinstein, who was found not guilty on all charges and was free on bail, afrontaría life imprisonment if convicted.