Here are sweater winter until 2020 (and that brings street style, European)


While the heat, we can still agobiando, we will show you all the sweater, which wear the street style during fashion week in Paris and Milan. For all tastes

Large, holgados, thick. This winter, sweaters are size oversize. From photos, textures, appliques, embroidery and a lot of neck poleron. These trends, which showed the street style during fashion week in Paris and Milan. See:

Well fashionista

With cutouts on the sleeves, this sweater poleron took the applause for the truck. You can animás something like that?

A sweater with cutouts. Photo: Instagram.

With pictures and something else

The photos are part of a trend by 2020, but also attack the tissue. There are versions of both in the morning and more classic and more daring.

The image rolls. Photo: Instagram.
In the cage. Photo: Instagram.
The precipitate ceases to contradict the image of the shirt, which is below. Photo: Instagram.
Animal print. Photo: Instagram.
Olivia Palermo sweater embroidery. Photo: Instagram.
The sweater with the coat of arms noble title. Photo: Instagram.
Dot. Photo: Instagram.
Encrusted with pearls. Photo: Instagram.
– Bulgarians. Photo: Instagram.

Bag for a long time

Coat of fabrics, lead to the knee joint. Some reinventan view, setting the waist strap.


Sweater with a collar poleron is a trend this winter. Curved or straight, this collar will be the hit of the season.

Sweater with a collar poleron. Photo: Instagram.
Sweater with a collar poleron. Photo: Instagram.


More classic will be pleased with the striped sweater. This is the perfect Jean and downtrodden.

Stripe. Photo: Instagram.

The Irish language

And those who love fabric (dot, cross, eight and canelones), will have the opportunity to introduce others to these pulóveres that they both worship.

Sweaters of fabrics. Photo: Instagram.