Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner shares your honeymoon via Instagram


Three months later, after the expiration of S I want the pair found time to go on a journey

Update 28/12/2018 11:16

A few Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner gave S I want in the past, 18 October, and three months later, we both were able to make parn in their busy schedule to celebrate your honeymoon. And, by the way, we know what was the fate through images that we both shared in their social networks…

Model Karlie Kloss presented her commitment window Ivanka Trump, Joshua Kushnerin late July, with the image in Instagram, where he wrote: “I love you so much that I have no words to Express it“. Four months later announced their engagement, partner were married in an intimate ceremony in mind New York and so contact with 80 people.

After the wedding, Karlie Kloss myself, for example, the husband Joshua Kushner we decided to make a little rest for 48 hours to celebrate their link. But it was not until now, three months after weddingwhen a couple can enjoy it honeymoon we chose the location for this was South Africa.

The pair, which is, in his opinion, distributed through the network of several Tetris, instant travel, where they appear surrounded by animals. In addition, the model Karlie Kloss added one photo to my husband Joshua Kushner in regard cariosa.

For its part Joshua Kushner the overall image of women and models Karlie Kloss next to which read: “South Africa“.

A couple that plans to do another ceremony, more sociable this spring, seems to lie, enjoying together to such an extent that they both work on the ship in new projects and Karlie Kloss will be the closest leading ‘Project Runway‘the program, which was previously led by Heidi Klum.