Legs very long, How to achieve this effect in photos on Instagram?


Pictures from social networks, remain the garment, if we are talking about the context, style, colors and angles.

There are many positions that are known to have been made in the mode of inspiration. How to forget the giraffe (Baby Emily Ratajkowski, photos of street style from the main fashion weeks, which has led to the fact that a lot of fans to dress up, went outside, regardless of whether picture taking outfits… and so… Trends that appear and others are news classic.

Today, vanguard esdesafiar reality and show a few feet from the eternal, which as you know does not exist in reality, no super models.

Known in the industry as Karlie Kloss impose luciéndose ever, and leaders follow actions. Did Aylén Miles with photographs, which is the most important thing in the feet.

How to get a bold result? Director of audio, video and photographer Oscar Andreé explains that all things in the corner, which depends on the model or people photographer depends on who registers the image.

In photos taken of the plane against the groove, which is the angle that the hill, this can be done with cameras, including cameras for mobile phone, is a technique used with lens corner produces a distorcion at the edges of a photo if the subject is in the lower distorcion that we can get his feet higher still”– explains the expert, and warns, though, be careful with the technique.

“This aircraft is very popular in fashion photography, where to look for maximación clothes, but it is not recommended to use this technique if the object does not want to aggrandize your picture, as it looks even bigger from this angle”adds the Council.

Is there a list to check?

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