The arrow will not return to the Arrowverse, says the hero of Stephen amell


the arrow will not return to the arrowverse
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Stephen amell Arrow played for 8 years in the show and now has something to say about the return of his character.

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Arrow ended in the early 2020 crossover series DC and The CW, Crisis on Infinite album. Stephen amell gave birth to Oliver Queen”, better known as Arrow from 2012 to 2020, for 8 seasons.

Figure has become the Central axis of the universe of the brand DC and said goodbye as the hero to open the path to Supergirl, Flash, batwoman and the rest of the heroes to feed the story without their leader.

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Arrow fans want to see Stephen amell, using a bow for the new account, but the actor is confident that he will not return to the interpretation of the form:

“No, I haven’t finished yet. It was good. Was a good eight years, but it’s time to complete,” said the actor during the live feed in Instagram with Entertainment Weekly, where there was doubt about his return as Oliver Queen.

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Despite the fact that several months passed after Arrow, Amell also said that it was strange to see, among other characters on the screen:

“It was very, very weird to see The CW. Strangely, the announcement of Supergirl, Flash, and batwoman time. I think the other life. I don’t think to do it again”, – he admitted.

The CW

Though the Arrow will not appear in the Arrowverse, the universe will remain in place from the The CW, which also include Legends of Tomorrow and, probably, new crossovers, as happened in Crisis on Infinite album.

After ” Goodbye ArrowStephen amell protagonizará Heelsa new series Starz streaming platform, but at the moment, the production is stopped due to extraordinary circumstances, a coronavirus.

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In a new series, Amell is a professional rider who has problems with his brother in the inheritance from the family, or your business Duffy Wrestling Association.

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