To determine the cause of death sisters of Louis Tomlinson

Months after the unfortunate death Félicité, sister Louis Tomlinsonmany media outlets like bi-bi-si confirmed the cause of death young 18 years of age.

In accordance with the reports of forensic medical examination, the young man died due to overdose toxic substances that ingirió at the same time, still, Louis not applied for this reason.

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Challenge exams the autopsy was Dr. Shirley Radcliffe, who said that what took Félicité it was a deadly cocktail.” Believes that the British sister had problems with depression and anxiety because of the death of her mother, Johannah Deakinwho died as a result of leukemia.

Louis I had to deal with the loss of two of their relatives, but apparently came forward because, in addition to dedicate the theme “Two of us” his mother, is in terms of promoting their new single “Kill my mind”.