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One of the friends most important in the history Luis Miguel it Andres Garciathe actor was consecrated and one of the grooms famous and television, who is in the process divorce after more than two decades of marriage.

Also a model and dad actors Andrea Garcia, Andres Garcia, Jr. Leonardo Garcia is trying to come to terms with it all a couple, Maria Portillo, to reach a good agreement.


In accordance with Gustavo Adolfo Infantethe owner of the program “first hand”, the actor hired provides recognizes the office, in Acapulco, in order to obtain the best conditions, with a partner, so to speak, the journalist, the intention to reconcile their distribution may change in a moment.

Andres Garcia and ?????????? we met Three Marys, where he saw her for the first time, and then, her nephew presented, and from this time lived in Acapulco, Guerrero. In accordance with the program Ventaneando America, both of them was getting older and accepted their differences. However, this is the first time this couple has separated and encountered heavy fighting. “I think someday we will divorciaremos, we have unresolved issues. I was always on your side I helped him to come forward in 20 years,” said Margarita for cameras Image.


Andres Garcia had the support of one of the most important in his career Luis Miguel and was associated with all friends of the singer, however, take several years enemistados. According to Infante, this problem between Andrew and Maria Portillo could be the fight of the century, what is it?

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