Uncover a wealth Malcolm Maxwell and luxurious mansion, who lived


In exnovia Jeffrey Epstein took their resources to hide from the police

Secular and exnovia from Jeffrey Epstein, Malcolm Maxwellwas arrested by the FBI at his residence in new Hampshire in the North-Eastern part of the United STATES, on the basis of charges that are related to the case of a pedophile in new York. Epstein died in August last year in the cell where he was kept in prison, but prosecutors are still after associates Jeffrey.

Malcolm Maxwell he is accused of committing to help exnovio, Jeffrey Epsteinfor abuse of minors and women, to feed the network of sex trade – according to New York Post. Economist of British origin, was in the time of his arrest in real estate 156 hectares, in the state of new Hampshire with $ 20 million in the Bank and three passports, said prosecutors Manhattan.

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Authorities said they found 15 Bank account in Maxwell the remains of more than 20 million dollars, in addition, other foreign countries, with more than $ 1 million each.

In addition, it is known that Kids moved large amounts of cash in the past year, and also received $ 15 million from the sale of apartments in new York city in 2016. Prosecutors claim that Maxwell the money and resources to stay hidden after arrest Jeffrey Epstein.

“In particular, the defendant was effectively hidden for about one year, since presented the charges against Epstein in July 2019,” said power.

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And the secular, the defendant urged young people in the period from 1994 until 1997 to maintain a sexual relationship with Epstein. “Attended, presented and contributed to Epstein abuse of young girls to help him to and in the end, to abuse victims who, like Maxwell, as Epstein knew that they were under the age of 18 years,” she said fiscalia.

The case also drew the attention of Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II, as one of the alleged accomplices of sexual trade, Jeffrey Epstein and as well as Maxwell, the government does not choose you look up.

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Malcolm Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein, Malcolm Maxwell wealth, Malcolm Maxwell, properties, Malcolm Maxwell