We are a gourmet Breakfast that Ralph Lauren offered in new York


Only the fashion house category Ralph Lauren able to turn its flagship store hotel in the heart of Madison Avenue in the best and stylish cafes which not only serves the best coffee is probably redundant, but also brings enclave is perfect for presenting his new collection for spring-summer. Sheer glamour. And, of course, these components could be hoped that the recently opened and fleeting Ralph’s Cafe (will only be open for three days) star the most desirable city well, as a person, and as a result, espectadoras, or acted as a model in this wonderful and unique frame.

There is more to look at invitation top model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley he grew up in Story to your Instagram account minutes before start of parade to realize that the call Ralph Lauren in the form of Breakfast should give a lot to say. And, more than to drink coffee and enjoy a handful of rolls, I came here to look fashionable and good.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley teaches us the invitation to this Breakfast. (Instagram)
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley teaches us the invitation to this Breakfast. (Instagram)

For this case, Ralph Lauren has graced its flagship store classic tables of white marble, large mirrors, gilded applications and large crystal chandeliers, creating a script, perfect, perfect, their models, and we say, name, size Bella Hadid or Taylor hill was desfilando moment, guests are very happy with the coffee in hand.

Was Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but the model Karlie Kloss, actress Camilla Belle, model and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger, British actress Annabelle Wallis and singer Rainsford, all beautifully dressed in the images of the brand only in order to enjoy the fashion in a unique dining experience.

Because, as we have seen, in Ralph’s Cafe is so exclusive, how fleeting and open only at the weekend to continue, this time open to the public, with the acts of the presentation of the new collection.

All that we can lose sight of the most important meeting between a cafe and celebrity fashion. Introduced Ralph Lauren and what are your suggestions to do this season? Between black, white and gold, and wants designer who we dressed, in respect of event dress code this, in the spring.

MIDI skirt pleated, evening dresses, full of sequins, gold but in version mini mix sequins, layers, Long mode, coats, trousers, made of rich fabrics, metal and other transparency and asymmetry.

And our beloved sailor suit in white, decorated liters of reminds of the movie “an officer and a gentleman”, Taylor hill opened this particular parade white in day and in a cafe. The things that pass for Fashion Week in new York.

Model Taylor hill opened the parade with this varnish sailor. (Courtesy)
Model Taylor hill opened the parade with this varnish sailor. (Courtesy)