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“I am very proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West after officially became milmillonaria. You can weathering the storms of the mind, and now God is shining on you and our family”, – he wrote West.

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However, Forbes just explain that secular fortune is estimated at 900 million dollars, 100 million is not enough to achieve, to be part of a select group billionaires world.

Forbes says that the appeal in question will be completed in the third fiscal quarter of 2021 leave and Who, as the owner of a controlling stake in the company with a share of 72%, as Kris Jenner has 8%. This means that part of your mom does not hurt you to include in the list of billionaires.

This second explanation is the publication concerning the fate with Kardashian less than two months. Lately Kylie Jenner he was accused to change their finances to appear on the cover of Forbes, as milmillonaria younger that check can cost up to five years of imprisonment.