Camila Sodi is organizing a celebration of your daughter in the style of Kylie Jenner

All or at least most know Stormiin daughter Kylie Jenner or heard his name, the baby is more rich and knows it birthday epic (yeah, so much money, what a joke), but this time Camila Sodi he decided he wanted to compete with Kylie and a little for you the feast to his daughter.

In daughter Camila Sodi and Diego Luna, Fiona, it’s been 10 years, so that was to be expected that the actress ruby had to do something big to little was his birthday and the mega-surprise, who said she was like Stormi.

But still, not paying attention to the fact that the epidemic is still very present in the country Camille knows he did it holiday in seemingly the courtyard of his house, and something small but with touches that level has led to the fact that little Fiona to compete with Stormi for the holiday the most beautiful.

Photo: camilasodi_/Instagram

His story Instagram, Sodi told about how was holiday themed because I was overloaded with details and very colorful, rainbows, stars, clouds and decoration, impressive, of course, the actress was compared to daughter Kylie Jenner.


In the history that shows bags of sweets, Desk, dessert, and all the details of the celebration, to hear, to say:

“What is Stormi, that is not my daughter that has Stormi, what has Fiona”.

And so it was really holiday impressive and very beautiful it was daughter Camila Sodi, however, it seems that competition with Kylie Jenner it’s a different level, because it is still not there, who will you earn in Stormi in holidays world more epic and less, be more rich.

Source: Publimetro