Daughter cuarón poses in bikini


They say that time flies, and a living example of this is Tess BU (more commonly known as BU), the only daughter, the woman Alfonso Cuarónthat, of course, is not a girl.

In his 15 years (born on December 24, 2003), in the daughter of Director Bay showed in the network that all girls share two pictures, which appear in a bikini. One day, the picture was more than 44 thousand likes and lots of comments praising him.

Despite this post Tess BU it was very clear in his position: he is in favor of “body-positivity”, that is, OK to any type of shape, regardless of how they look. True this thread that even posted in his Instagram a picture of your message “is no longer to” repair “the body begins to repair the world.”

Despite his young age, BU has given vent to the creative energy that was inherited from both sides, because, apart from his father, that is the Director, mom Annalisa Bugliani the actress and the edge of blood and honey fílmica. It is common, the proportion in the media, her two big loves: music and visual arts. In one of his videos in Instagram can be seen playing the piano. But its taste left in the hobby because BU interpreterpath the theme of “Psycho”, which is part of the abum Music Inspired by the Film Rome.

He also shared that online video in which he plays the piano in the background, the sound of his voice, so that you can improve to become a singer, a professional.

As to the art, BU loves drawing and painting; participated in the projects graffiti and one of her passions is visiting museums where you can admire the works of art.

Even if their parents are in officially divorced since 2008 Tess BU very close to his father; and so she and her brother Elm accompanied him the award “Oscar” in 2019 where Alfonso he received three awards, including Best Director and Best film, non-English language Rome.