Heidi Klum again to proclaim herself the Queen of Halloween

In New York City.- In the heart of Manhattan, in front of the entire audience, the German model Heidi Klum once again crowned as Queen of Halloween.

From the first hours of this Thursday, the actress tweeted that will “every day” in the online bookshop Amazon Prime, located on 34 street in the Big Apple, where surrounded by hair stylists, makeup artists and craftsmen who transform it.

“Start playing!”, said Klum in a network, and invited their followers to visit the place, the Windows decorated with cobwebs and say Hello.

Dozens of fans and photographers, and carefully observe the process from the sidewalk, which, as he said himself Klum lasts 10 hours, and that includes prostheses that provide models wide hips and large Breasts, which give some hints, what was your choice of 2019.

In one of his short videos in Instagram, you can see a delicate process, in which several people helping her to dress up in a suit made of silicone, which makes thin figure who professes to feel “a little open”.

In Germany is thus 20 years of their famous holiday of Halloween, which we saw knowledge is dressed as Princess Fiona bride of Shrek-Jessica Rabbit-a character from the movie “Who framed Roger?”-, monkey or instagram goddess Kali.

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