How to lose weight or to get a job? Crisis Karlie Kloss on the catwalk

We can say that Karlie Kloss reached all the goals which wants any model when his career: to go to Fashion Week the most important and season after season, starring in campaigns for major brands like Carolina Herrera, Estee Lauder, or Swarovski, and even become the owner of a few unknown angels wings Victoria’s Secret. The reasons for his success is no surprise, because there are some very specific features, in combination with something more 1,87 m growth, making it one of tops such industries, however, it was not always easy. As reflected in the social network StylecasterCarly I had to face a few years ago, after the failure of some designers, who put the ultimatum to lose weight or to get back to work.

“I started taking the pill and my body became more feminine: hips appeared,” he said. In addition, in a little less than a year, the model has moved from children’s size 34 to 40: “I began to lose my job; and has not been used for the gate; the designers stopped me to count. I felt as if the world was upside down”. But this increase in three sizes, and the consequences of their work Kloss was not discouraged and began attending classes at the University in new York, the decisions that led last year he made a new cover Forbes thanks to the camp that was created, ‘Kode with Klossy”, which urges women to enroll in the race branch of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

After this break in top decided to learn how to work with the new body and focus on everything that he was special: “I always was compared to Gisele (Bundchen) – for me it was the pinnacle of success in the modeling business – and it wasn’t effective. This is when I lived alone turning point: I realized that it was time to be himself, and to highlight the factors that made me to be, as it was.” A new and positive attitude to life, which led him into roles, new art publications is fashionable and prestigious to be an Ambassador for one of the spirits from Carolina Herrera, in the end, to return to this arena is high.