I drastically! She looked Hailey Baldwin with long hair

On was born in Tucson, Arizona, USA November 22, 1996, was not made many physical changes to his face. If we are talking about the model, Haley, Rod Baldwin, better known as Hayley Biebershowed no more, metamorphosis, and therefore the idea of long hair can be almost impossible. Despite the fact that many don’t remember that until mid-2016, it was the only style of American models, always following his shade of blond hair.

Star from the beginning

This woman has a lot of lines, for example, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, English, Irish, Scottish, French and German. This could be attributed to her immaculate face, and “rarity” is that usually the search house of talents. At a very young age was recognized as one of the incredible models in January 2015 his first matter as they appeared on the cover of Vogue USA; within two months after for Teen Vogue, then the hair was endless.

Hailey Baldwin were adding great events to its assets. A year after her stunning appearance in the composition of the ad Raplh Lauren the next famous singer Cody Simpson. So, in October of the same year, by 2015. achieving payback catwalks, weight for professional. This time, as an example for famous companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Phiipp Plein, with her hair perfectly.

Goodbye hair

Despite the fact that his photographs, in many cases, posed with hair collected, or any hairstyle that ocultara its length, it will soon be a reality. Through its official account Instagrampublished January 1, 2017, cooperation as the official image of Loreal, which said goodbye and gave him the old style to bring to life new and bright hair.

Currently, Hailey Baldwin still posing in short and light hair, as representative of brands like: Levi’s, Vogue, Always Original, Elle and others. Now 23 years and life ahead, perhaps, there are many changes in style that would survive. Although it is clear that this is not the type of star that, as usual, frequently change their appearance. In addition, works fine from his sponsors.