I unexpected! Justin Bieber is convinced that God has forgiven you


First, it is hard to say, of copper change great that he decided to give Justin Bieber in my life. At the beginning, and very young, she was full of fame, money and a lot of flavors, which almost reach the end of their life. The excess of sex, the many negative messages, the use of drugs and the evil genius with the world, there were a few things that destroyed the young canadian that they met in 2007.

After you get rid of all the negative episodes, and marriage with American model Hailey Baldwinthere is a new version of the interpreter “Pride”. This is the other side of the coin, could show his love to the people, his sacrifice and love ‘God’. It also managed to be evidence of its publication in social networks and on Thursday evening she returned.

New Justin Bieber

Through the platform photo, Justin Bieber decided to thank. In order to begin the service, he assured: “Thank you, Lord, for my life. Thank you for your forgiveness! Thanks for showing me I’m not pretty!”. At the same time, I never thanked have some extra weight on their shoulders. And it seems that people are refurbished, which doesn’t have any suffering person who decided to be in the past.

“Thank you, because I can’t bear the shame, but I can walk, and his chest, head held high, knowing that you have loved, chosen and forgiven! If you are struggling with the past, give them Jesus! Do not suffer because of this! He loves you and proud to know all the small details, good and bad in your life! I’m not mad at you, you want the best for yourself!” ended the stars through his official account Instagram.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Justin Bieberdedicates poems to God out of heaven. In other cases, also gave thanks and apologized for all actions performed. Currently, the canadian singer has proved his humanity, as provided in arm most affected by the pandemic, which led to the fact that a new coronavirus, also known label Covid-19. In addition, he expressed support for the campaign antiracistas, which appeared in the United STATES.