“I want all the women I have met in my life heard”

“If Weinstein’ still growing after being accused Kevin spacey, Dustin Hffman, Brett Ratner, James Toback and Louis C. Knext on the list was Andrew Kreisberg), the manufacturer of ‘Arrow’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’.

Kreisberg was condemned 19 men and women and between these terrible stories told by victims of sexual violence, described tocamientos inappropriate or kisses without permission.

As a result of the contradictions of the hero, Grant Gustin, said in social networks to establish in favor of working women in the world of film and television. The actor who gives life to the Barry Allen Flash series The CW defended his colleagues, and stresses that he does not want to silence this kind of injustice, inviting his followers to condemn these relationships “that they would not normally“.

The actor has in his Instagram that sometimes forgets that he lives in a world where not all enjoy the same privileges that I“. Gustin it recognizes that I have heard a lot from people who again and again refer to women as if they were less than they, “and both physical and psychological”, – have become a daily reality,” he admits.

Gustin, the message is clearly on the side of the victims: “It is impossible, in our new normality” and stressed that want to be better,” best man, best ally. And I especially I want all the women I have met in my life were answered, I Wake up with them, and I will be your help“.