In a casual love story Ximena Navarrete and Juan Carlos Valladares


In exreina beauty Jimena Navarreteand her husband, entrepreneur potosino Juan Carlos Valladareswere heroes, cute love story. They met at the end of 2015, and since, as was first, remained flechados. However, now in front of them rumors that threaten its stability as marriage.

The pair met in October 2015, the month not later than the time has come, the stage at which they were inseparable, despite their busy schedule, managed to always be together because we saw them in families, tours, vacations, trips to amusement parks, the race of Formula 1 and the Super Bowl.

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Shortly thereafter, on April 1, 2017, came the big wedding. Jimena and Juan Carlos chose to Study at Vizcaínas on her big day, taking in as guests many celebrities, businessmen and athletes. Among those present were Carlos Rivera, Flavio and Marco Salvador Mejia, Daniela Romo and entrepreneur Carlos Peralta and his wife Mariana Cake.

Things between marriage went on, interestingly, I saw more lovers who never, even in 2018, we were surprised when he announced that he was expecting his first child. But unfortunately, the actress 32 years old, I lost my child.

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After this disastrous event, Jimena took refuge in the love of your family and for your husband, partner saw them that adversity and more unified than ever. Within a few months lost a baby, the actress has renewed its projects as a model, in particular, saw the work with a friend, the seamstress Mexican Benito Santos, which are very friendly.

But a source close to Navarrete argue that after the loss of a child, the emotional and their lives changed dramatically, in addition, the side effects of the pandemic has reached the partner and says that she has decided to leave his house for the marriage to take refuge in her own family. While marriage is not spoken on this subject, but for many of his fans it was amazing to receive Messages. See also: Ximena Navarrete and Juan Carlos Valladares will be divided

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