Jennifer Lopez arrived with her family, and someone was afraid of flying

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez and their children moved from Los Angeles to Miami, in jet private celebrations four on 4 July, however, one of the family members were very frightened at the moment of boarding the plane.

Was Alex Rodriguez, who through his account on Instagram shared a fun video, called it “One of our passengers had a little fear of flying”. The record shows, as he promised JLo download Retriever white, call Lady, before entering the aircraft.

In the photos we can see how the singer and her daughter Emme encourage the animal to enter the plane, and family that what happened in the end.

But the Lady was not the only family pet that traveled with them, because he was Tyson, in goldenbogen that the singer gave to his son Max in early June, and who became through his followers.

This new member of the family even has their own social network profile that already has one beautiful picture, family. Can is already all the stars in Instagram, because more than 21,000 followers.

JLo aroma of dog, well known in 2016 reached five of them, two boxers, two ?????????? and the Bay of Naples, with whom all the attention and care that will be needed.

In an emotional message from JLo and Alex Rodriguez graduates new York

Jennifer Lopez has sent an inspiring message 57,000 students in new York, which ended this month.

During the conference, which this young singer talked about the topic that was in Vogue during the last few days of racism, “As a mother, I know that real change starts in the kitchen. The only answer to racism, inequality and hatred is to build love and acceptance are also systematically”.

The artist was not indifferent to the movement, which emerged in late may after the murder George Floyd in the hands of the officer David Pinney“We must raise the voice and transmit love as much as we can! We have to participate, to take to the streets, sign petitions, making phone calls, keeping as volunteers and business support implemented by the minority.”

And Alex, as Jennifer also talked about the pandemic disease COVID-19, and noted that it was a time when a lot of uncertainty, so I didn’t know what advice to give, “we both remember to be in a state of great uncertainty in the future, when I was your age, but what we actually know now that we can’t meet in the skin”

“We didn’t have on the occasion of the ball in the house, to see teachers and other guests through the screen. We also had to be seen how many of our relatives were ill, or constantly protest in our streets, in favor of racial equality”, has been completed.

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